Revert, Convert or Muslim – A sense of not belonging.

I hear many of those who are new to Islam talk about how they struggle to develop a sense of belonging and community. I understand this. After all, most of those around me when I visit the mosque are Muslim whilst I’m seen as a Revert or Convert. My own exploration of Islam began someContinue reading “Revert, Convert or Muslim – A sense of not belonging.”

Trees, Islam and the Cambridge Central Mosque

I have always been drawn to trees. I used to assume that this was due to spending so much of my early life amongst them. Years of playing, dog walking and exploring the woodlands that surrounded my home. Even my early artwork was obsessively focussed on trees. A few days ago I had the privilegeContinue reading “Trees, Islam and the Cambridge Central Mosque”

All the Quranic verses about Jesus

This is a linked post shared from Quranic | Jan 3, 2022 It contains all the references to Jesus from the Quran in a really helpful order aiding us in our Islamic understanding of Jesus, his life and role in our faith. Visit here to find out more about Quranic – Arabic for BusyContinue reading “All the Quranic verses about Jesus”

Is it an insult to be called a “Quranist”?

As a new Muslim you can feel as though it’s so easy to make mistakes. We encounter endless posts and videos online telling us what is right and wrong, and in such detail, about every part of our lives. Often these posts simply offer opinions. Options mostly based on tradition, ethic and cultural norms. AlmostContinue reading “Is it an insult to be called a “Quranist”?”

It’s either Haram or not – don’t complicate it!

For someone entering the Islamic faith, especially from a background where you have seen so little of the ways of Muslims, then it can be challenging to know what is right and what is wrong. More importantly what is Islamic and what is cultural or simply based on traditions or even just personal opinions. AsContinue reading “It’s either Haram or not – don’t complicate it!”

Do women need separate prayer spaces?

I’m presently working with my employer to create a prayer space, initially for Ramadan but hopefully beyond. The question I found my self asking was whether it’s ok to share a prayer space between men and women. The answer surprised me. My experience of UK mosques is that women pray in different prayer spaces fromContinue reading “Do women need separate prayer spaces?”

Shared Prayer Spaces

A few years ago I was amazed to be sat in a UK cathedral at a service for students led jointly by an Muslim Imam and Christian Bishop. It was one of those moment that led me to believe that Islam might be open to me. Yet the more I explore the more examples IContinue reading “Shared Prayer Spaces”

“Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD” (A reminder of the monotheistic faith of Christians, Jews and Muslims)

There is often confusion around the shared beliefs of Jews, Christians and Muslims. This is frequently fuelled by those who wish to find differences in order to make one or another branch of our shared faith better than another. Those who do this step away from Gods own words in the Quran. Although God clearlyContinue reading ““Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD” (A reminder of the monotheistic faith of Christians, Jews and Muslims)”

“You don’t need to find an alternative scripture for what has already been given to you.”

This post is written in response to someone who had a passage from Christian scripture that spoke to him so clearly and yet as a new Muslim he felt the need to find the equivalent from the Quran and to leave that Christian scripture behind. As a Christian I was drawn to Islam over someContinue reading ““You don’t need to find an alternative scripture for what has already been given to you.””

Exploring Contemporary Islam 1: “Female imams have existed in China since the 19th century, and in South Africa since 1995. In Los Angeles, the Women’s Mosque of America opened last year. In the UK, the American Islamic scholar Amina Wadud led mixed Friday prayers in Oxford in 2008, prompting protests. Plans for a female-run mosque in Bradford areContinue reading “Exploring Contemporary Islam 1:”

You have to know Arabic to become a Muslim … ?

I am going to suggest that you do not, but also why it’s a good idea in the long term. To become a Muslim you simply have to submit to God (Allah in Arabic) and you do this through the declaration of faith, the Shahada*, (literally ‘the testimony’). *”I bear witness that there is noContinue reading “You have to know Arabic to become a Muslim … ?”

Be the change you wish to see in the world* …

In a recent post a Muslim revert described their fears around moving from an country where Islam was dominant to a location in the West where there were few, if any other Muslims. She expressed her fear for her young sons … “I’m worried about my boys. They’re doing so well here and of courseContinue reading “Be the change you wish to see in the world* …”

Just Pray … learning from Astronauts

Edit: Ramadan 2023 … How people in space will observe fast during Ramadan 2023?  The International Space Station (ISS) will see 16 sunrises and sunsets over the course of 24 hours – either happening every 45 minutes approximately for people fasting there. Gulf News I recently discovered that there is guidance for how a MuslimContinue reading “Just Pray … learning from Astronauts”