Revert, Convert or Muslim – A sense of not belonging.

I hear many of those who are new to Islam talk about how they struggle to develop a sense of belonging and community. I understand this. After all, most of those around me when I visit the mosque are Muslim whilst I’m seen as a Revert or Convert. My own exploration of Islam began someContinue reading “Revert, Convert or Muslim – A sense of not belonging.”

Trees, Islam and the Cambridge Central Mosque

I have always been drawn to trees. I used to assume that this was due to spending so much of my early life amongst them. Years of playing, dog walking and exploring the woodlands that surrounded my home. Even my early artwork was obsessively focussed on trees. A few days ago I had the privilegeContinue reading “Trees, Islam and the Cambridge Central Mosque”

All the Quranic verses about Jesus

This is a linked post shared from Quranic | Jan 3, 2022 It contains all the references to Jesus from the Quran in a really helpful order aiding us in our Islamic understanding of Jesus, his life and role in our faith. Visit here to find out more about Quranic – Arabic for BusyContinue reading “All the Quranic verses about Jesus”