The Quran

The Quran 01

The Quran (The Quran Project)

The was my first Quran. Very clearly presented and easy to read translation. I love that each Surah (chapter)is presented with an introductory explanation, equally important is that this is separate from the Surah itself. This avoids any confusion between the Quran text and the translators interpretations.

This Quran is supported by an comprehensive website where you can also order your free copy of this Quran.

There is also an excellent App available for both Apple and Androide devices.

Edited: Jan 23

The Quran 02

Al-Quran Al-Karim: The Nobel Quran

A beautiful Quran has the Arabic with colour coded *Tajweed and word for word translation alongside an English translation of each Surah.

*Tajweed/Tajwid is a set of rules for the correct pronunciation of the letters within the Quran.

Edited: Jan 23